Vuse(Vype) – ePod Cartridges (Blushed Mango/Just Mango)

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This 2ml e-liquid pod is prefilled and once empty, can be disposed of and replaced. Each pod comes fitted with a coil that produces a mouth to lung vape, which performs a draw similar to that of a cigarette. (2 cartridges in a box)

Vuse(Vype) is a UK based company who match innovative designs with high-quality materials, creating a range of vape hardware that’s accessible to users of all levels.
Combining the cartridge with the ePod, it will provide a rich flavour sensation. Approximately 275 puffs per cartridge (In laboratory testing: Your experience will depend on your personal vaping behaviour.)

Blushed Mango(Just Mango) – A rich mango flavour sensation, available in 5% strength. Vype ePod Cartridges are made in the USA with high quality premium pharma grade ingredients with vPro nicotine salts.

5% Option Available